Why shoud I book a helicopter tour instead of an airplane?+

Airplanes are restricted to fly no lower than 1000 to 1500ft and they have wider standoff distances than helicopters which can fly as low as 500ft.   Only the helicopter can take you into Mt. Waialeale Crater or up close to waterfalls such as the "Jurassic Park" Manawaiopuna Falls.

Why do you fly A-Star helicopters?+
Do you offer flights with the doors off the helicopter?+
Can we talk to the pilot?+
Can we take pictures?+
Can we get a picture next to the helicopter?+
Can we tip the pilot?+
Does Island Helicopters offer a video recording of my actual flight?+
What should I wear on my helicopter tour?+
Is there a weight requirement to fly on Island Helicopters tours?+
Where do your pilots live?+
How long have you been in business?+
Do you like living on an island?+

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